This space presents projects on ICT Sustainability from students at the Petersham Campus of NSWTAFE, Australia.


Sustainable: A society that balances the environment, other life forms,
and human interactions over an indefinite time period.

Solar Panel Installation
Wind Generator Installation

ICT Sustainability Early Adopters
NSWTAFE has been able to generate a lot of interest for their ICT Sustainability Training through pilot trials and presentations to ACS members. These interested parties are early adopters of ICT Sustainability and have already begun to reap some benefits, including reduced power consumption at the desktop level as well as more efficient enterprise architecture planning incorporating server virtualisation and cloud computing.
NSWTAFE training offers specific solutions that fit each client and facilitates feasibility analysis to increase pilot trials and final rollout. Optimizing hardware, software, and advanced applications and providing one-stop complete suites or solutions, which facilitate easy integration across the three domains are also crucial to succeed in ICT Sustainability.

Training Pedagogy
· Researching and learning the basics of ICT Sustainability.
· Experimenting - setting up a trial, purchasing hardware and software, and getting some hands-on experience.
· Doing a field trial to identify potential business applications, gaining practical knowledge in real-world environments.
· Developing a feasibility study and proposal, choosing hardware and software vendors
· Launching a pilot, to confirm technical operation, correct any problems and prepare for the final deployment and scaling
· Presentation and Review

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Sustainability Project PowerPoint Presentations

Certificate IV in IT Semester 2 2007

Certificate IV in IT Semester 1 2008

Diploma in IT Semester 2 2007

Diploma in IT Semester 1 2008
Solar Panel

Wind Generator

Wind generator Installation Photographs:

Solar Panel Installation and System Testing Presentation:

Low powered Via PC3500 Mainboard

Low Power Systems

Sustainable IT